"Asian Global Environment Project in Asia" is to researching Ecological Economics based on all the economic theses and economic thoughts which are Keynesian economics research by Prof. Kawaguchi and social common capital by Prof. Uzawa in Chuo University, Cambridge school of economics by Prof. J. Robinson and Prof. N Kaldor in Cambridge University, and post Keynesian economics by Prof. A.S.Eichner and Prof. P. Davidson in United States. Traditionally, Macroeconomics is systematized through "Keynesian Revolution", and it came to be able to ease the business cycle. But on the other hand in developing countries, global environment deterioration has caused "Vicious circle of poverty and environmental disruption" and under this situation the economical weak are yield. So, we are thinking to apply the result of the above-mentioned research globally.

It is a corner where it introduces a background of economical theory of "Global Environment Project in Asia". It has tried to construct original "Ecology economics" based on the economic research of Chuo University, Cambridge University in Britain, and Rutgers University in United States.

Based on the Cambridge school of Economics, post Keynesian Economics, and Ecology Economics and through the design of the system of clean development, we are attempting to form an international environmental cooperation of "East Asian community" through the design of the system of clean development.