ACEラーニングとは? ACEラーニングの実践 今後の計画・展開

The results for the year 2004 development research was starting from editing the textbook called the “Basic Macro Economics”. Now, there are tons of textbooks about Macro Economics, but I had never seen a textbook that has talked about multimedia. From this, we had attempted to edit the textbook, allowing it to incorporate into the picture or into the power point (PPT). There is a high percentage that the textbook will make progress by all the lectures and from student’s opinions.

The next, procedure was to make a CD-R version for the “Basic Macro Economics”. For this procedure, we had done a discussion with the students, and from their idea, we were able to make the contents of the picture and the anime for the disk. At year 2003 we had first made a proto type and had used the CD for the lecture and took surveys to hear from other people’s point of view about what they had thought about the lecture that was held by the disk. From this we are attempting to give a better product then the previous one.

Our goal is to give out the latest version of the CD-R to the students, and to save the lecture tape into the main server (HD90G) and the sub server (HD60G). Also by organizing this as archives we are planning to allow access from abroad.

At the first guidance of the lecture, I had deliberately handed out the program for the lecture and syllabus separately. I always tell the students what the process will be like before the lecture starts. Also at class, we often the times do a short quiz at a certain period of time. Five times at the first semester, and 7 times at last semester. I allow students to bring in textbooks for just the short quiz, and confirm how the students who had enrolled this course made progress.

The answer sheet for the quiz is still done by an analog type, but in the near future, we are planning to change it into a digital type. In the last part of the quiz, we make a survey so to know the assessment the students give to the quiz. Of all of are surveys, I had made a question asking about the weight between preparation and review. At first there were students who mainly just do reviews and memorization, but gradually it has been concluded that the students changes into a preparation type at class. By all the surveys I take, I would like to improve the textbook and the CD-R.

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