ACEラーニングとは? ACEラーニングの実践 今後の計画・展開

The “ACE” Learning”, is a collaborated model of one education model, which cooperates with the IT business’s outside. The name comes from the following reasons.

“A” stands for “Analog”, meaning a traditional education system. A good example will be a “normal class”, making no difference compared to any classrooms, using chalk and the blackboard to teach.

“C” stands for “Communication”, by using the latest information technology, leading to a new style of education. For an example, you could solve the problem of attendance in a big classroom by using a mobile phone, not just doing a symposium on the platform but by acquiring both styles, it will allow us to handle things efficiently.

“E” stands for “Electric Technology” meaning an education system that in now growing rapidly. It uses the PC and the network to make education wider. Not being limited by time and space, it will allow us to take place in education anytime.

The “A Learning”, “C Learning”, and “E Learning are a education system that uses a single media, but there are also pro’s and con’s in all of them. “ACE Learning” is meant to collaborate all of the good characteristics in the education methods, making it into a advanced education system.

 "ACE" Learning
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